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December 26, 2008 4 comments

Ok, here’s what I’ve decided to post (later next week, as I am out of town for basketball over the next few days).

Let me know if you have any  suggestions.

-All Tourney Teams

-Bishop Montgomery Analysis

-Rio Americano Analysis

-Justin Cobbs Analysis/MVP Award

-Josh Smith Re-Take

-Photo Gallery from the Tourney

-Coaches Analysis

Anything else?

Please leave it in the comments section, or email me at my personal at

Thank you.


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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

December 25, 2008 2 comments

I’ll be back with all-tourney teams and analysis, hopefully tomorrow. And if not then sometime in the next 2 weeks.


Thanks for all the support.


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Composure Award

Kendall Marshall. Hands down. 

I never saw him lose his cool. At all. He is under immense pressure from his coach, school, parents, fans, supporters, etc… I just get the feeling that it is a very serious basketball atmosphere. He never lost his temper with the refs, he always just kept on playing. I was very impressed with his coolness. I think that will benefit the most in the long run. 

Probably the most valuable award I can give.

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Best Ballhandler

Marshall, Cobbs, K. Williams. 

….and a special shout out to Taft frosh Landon Drew who was impressive. 

Marshall was a smooth dribbler always in control, very poised. 

Cobbs was just blazingly fast, and could penetrate nearly every time down court. Had a elbow jumper that he could rise right out of the dribble and take. Especially dangerous finisher at the rim.

Wiliams was an equally as amazing finisher at the rim. Also was good at go left and right to keep the defense guessing. 

Winner: Justin Cobbs. His moves were incredible because of the speed he was able to perform them and still be in control.

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Best Shooter

A lot of great shooters in the tourney this year including Michael Williams (Taft), Michael Panaggio (BM), Tre Tyler (Kentwood), Mardell Johnson (Rio Americano), Mitrell Clark (El Dorado), Kendall Marshall (BOC), Kendall Williams (Los Osos), Gary Hicks (Sylmar), and Darius Nelson (Sheldon). That’s a lot of names to see all written out. 

Darius Nelson was a sweet-shooting big man from Sheldon. He’s a very big bodied sophomore but he has a pretty jumper.

Mardell Johnson and Mitrell Clark were both nearly lights-out spot up jumpshooters in the Elite division.

Michael Williams of Taft had a really funky jumper, but it went in. He was lethal from 3-point range.

Gary Hicks of Sylmar was also a three-ball machine. He really shouldered the scoring load on that team, much more so than Tyler Honeycutt. Silky smooth jumper.

Michael Panaggio. Wow. Confident shooter who knew his role on the Montgomery team. Consistently great from 3-point range. Smart player with very good shot selection.

Tre Tyler was streaky and had bad shot selection but still a very good long range shooter.

Kendall Williams started off his first few games absolutely on fire, couldn’t miss…from anywhere. But then he cooled down, and he isn’t as good of a shooter as he originally thought. Still a phenomenal shooter (and a junior, too) and perfect from the charity stripe.

Kendall Marshall’s jumper lacked arc at times but always had a lot of backspin. Possibly the most revolutions on a shot I saw at the tournament. Very solid from deep. Only a junior, and I think he will keep improving. 

Winner: Frankly this award could go to so many players and I expect the non-seniors (Nelson, Marshall, K. Williams) to be even better next year. But I have to give it Michael Panaggio. I think his great shot selection, although Marshall’s was very comparable, was superb. He hit the big shots. Hicks, Marshall, Williams’s are all very close. Johnson was the best Elite shooter, with Clark a close second.

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Best Defender

A lot of great team defense was played, especially by the 2 National championship teams (obviously more so Bishop Montgomery). This makes it hard to determine an individual best defender, because I believe it is really based on who you have around you. With that said, the best defensive team was Bishop Montgomery because of their hustle and tenacity, but Justin Hawkins of Taft stuck out to me as the best individual defender. In part due to his versatility, although his was only about 6’2” he was strong enough to guard opposing post players but fast enough to matchup with opposing guards. Justin Cobbs beat him at times in the semifinal game, but he also picked Cobbs’ pocket a few times. Hawkins is a very smart defensive player who is adept at anticipating passes.

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Best Blocker

Very close between Honeycutt and Josh Smith.

I am not even that big of a Honeycutt fan, my first 3 awards go to him. He is just more mobile than Smith which makes it easier for him to get to spots to block shots. Ex: trailing a fastbreak or getting out on a shooter. His arms are so long that he can reach out and alters every shot that is taken on him.

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