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Day 4 Predictions

Day 4 Predictions:

Disclaimer for all predictions: The views expressed in this blog does not necessarily represent the opinions of the directors of the MPCC. 

9:30 AM Game

Loser of Game #13 Sheldon vs. Loser of Game #15 Kentwood

Sheldon is very talented, with big bodies inside and athletes everywhere. Super sophomore Darius Nelson will have to go toe to toe with Kentwood big man Josh Smith. Kentwood may have that advantage but aside from stud guard Tre Tyler on the wing, they aren’t close to matching up with Sheldon anywhere else. Smith has to dominate and Tyler has to be on fire for Kentwood to win this one. But I just see too much depth from Sheldon, especially when Marcus Jackson continues to score. Prediction: Sheldon 71 Kentwood 62

11 AM Game

Loser of Game #10 Sylmar vs. Loser of Game #11 Los Osos

Los Osos has a very young roster with a studly junior class headed by elite scorer Kendall Williams and dynamic wing Chinedu Amajoyi. Sylmar’s stars are seniors, with Tyler Honeycutt doing a little bit of everything and Gary Hicks hitting the shots from outside. This one should be very close, but I expect Sylmar to prevail even though both teams are very wild and uptempo. Prediction: Sylmar 73 Los Osos 70

12:30 AM Game

Loser of Game #8 St. Joseph vs. Loser of Game #12 Campolindo

Jacob Cano and Zach Perron lead the charge for the Knights. Chris Dyer is the top player for Campolindo. Both teams have struggled thus far, but whoever can win the turnover battle should win this one. Both teams play very scrappy, and have streaky shooters so this one could go either way. Prediction: Campolindo 64 St. Joseph 61

2 PM Game

Winner of Game #8 El Dorado vs. Winner of Game #12 Fremont

Both of these teams beat up on weaker competitions in their 1st round games, so it is tough to tell what they are made of. The Sundevils have athletes across the board and a trio of superb scorers in Mitrell Clark, Marcus Moreland, and Charles White. Fremont is led by DePaul signee Tony Freeland, who is an athletic inside presence. Josh Manning is very adept at running the point and gets his points. Savion Udeh and Ryan Smith provide more depth for the Pathfinders, who I expect to prevail in the high-scoring affair. Prediction: Fremont 75 El Dorado 69

3:30 PM Game

Winner of Game #10 Bishop O’Connell vs. Winner of Game #11 Campbell Hall

Well Campbell Hall already made me look like a fool with my upset prediction. This is definitely a tougher matchup for them though. McBroom has to matchup with UNC commit Kendall Marshall, and James Johnson must go against a tandem of Kevin Jones and Larry Savage. Keegan Hornbuckle needs to show up big for Campbell Hall to win this one. Another tough game here and I think it comes down to whoever comes up bigger on the wing, O’Connell’s David Eismeier or Campbell’s Hornbuckle. Tough call, regardless Campbell Hall can take this blog and use it as some motivation again, but I gotta take Bishop O’Connell for now. Prediction: Bishop O’Connell 62 Campbell Hall 61

5 PM Game

Loser of Game #9 Mission Hills vs. Loser of Game #14 Mission Prep

*No prediction, Conflict of Interest*….but I will say that this is a rematch of last year’s Elite Division Title Game.

6:30 PM Game

Winner of Game #13 Taft vs. Winner of Game #15 Bishop Montgomery

Bishop Montgomery is fast and athletic, but Taft is fast and athletic and big and a defensive minded team. That’ll be the difference in this one, the focus on defense that Taft brings to the table every game. I think Terran Carter will straight up overpower Richard Solomon inside. Justin Cobbs, Brandon Bivens, and Chris Miller will be scorers on the outside for Montgomery but I think Justin Hawkins and Michael Williams will do plenty to countermand them. This will be a close one because of Montgomery’s speed and explosiveness. Cobbs could take over but I don’t see it happening, and Michael Williams is just too good a shooter from outside. Taft moves on to play Bishop O’Connell in the National Division Title Game. Prediction: Taft 74 Bishop Montgomery 63

8 PM Game

Winner of Game #9 LACES vs. Winner of Game #14 Rio Americano

LACES is small but fast, and hustles everywhere. Do-it-all guard Sean Butler makes this team click. With that said I don’t really expect this one to be too close. Too much Kyle Odister penetrating and too much Mardell Johnson shooting for LACES to beat Rio Americano in this one. Rio Americano will face Fremont in the Elite Title Game, although I feel like the two best teams in the Elite division are El Dorado and Fremont (earlier semifinal). Prediction: Rio Americano 68 LACES 60

So this leaves my National and Elite title games as Bishop O’Connell vs Taft and Fremont vs Rio Americano, respectively. 

This makes the 3rd place games, Campbell Hall vs Bishop Montgomery and LACES vs El Dorado.


Thanks guys see you tomorrow.

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  1. James
    December 23, 2008 at 12:46 am

    ha big scoring difference in the OConnell game! OC came up huge … winning easily. Eismeier and Marshall played big.

    • mpchristmasclassic
      December 23, 2008 at 2:53 am

      For sure. The game played out differently than I expected. It’s safe to say that BOC came with it today and was superior to CH.

  2. James
    December 23, 2008 at 3:00 am

    the games are great to watch. the webcast tonight is fantastic — fun to watch.

    • mpchristmasclassic
      December 23, 2008 at 3:10 am

      The webcast turned out to be a huge success.

  3. knightlife
    December 23, 2008 at 3:30 am

    Well done with the webcam and the score display/rolling text…Thank you for that.

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