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Day 5 Games

St. Joseph 48 Mission Hills 39

Jeremy Ford continues his high scoring output with 22 points, but it wasn’t enough for the Grizzlies. Rodmer Lomboy paced the Knights with 13 points, and KJ Cusack added 11 points. The Knights take 7th place in the Elite Division, while Mission Hills finishes in the 8th place spot.

Kentwood 51 Los Osos 49

Kendall Williams had 20 points for Los Osos, who lost the game in the 4th quarter while being outscored 14-6. Josh Smith had 18 points for Kentwood and Tre Tyler added 10 of his own.  Kentwood takes 7th place in the National Division while Los Osos settles for 8th. 

Campolindo 64 Mission Prep 43

Robbie Souza had 20 points for Mission Prep but it wasn’t enough to overcome the team effort by Campolindo led by Chris Dyer and Kellen Ito. Campolindo captures 5th place in the Elite division and Mission Prep, who had tournament record of 2-3, takes 6th place.

Sylmar 71 Sheldon 61

Spartan forward Tyler Honeycutt had 14 points and 6 blocks, while guard Gary Hicks added 15 points of his own, to lead Sylmar.  Darius Nelson, Ramon Eaton, Marcus Jackson had 19, 17, and 11 points, respectively, for Sheldon. Honeycutt was the tourney leader in block shots. Sylmar takes 5th place in the national division, and Sheldon falls to the 6th spot.   

Taft 55 Campbell Hall 46

Campbell Hall’s Deuce Johnson had 13 points to lead the Vikings, but the team defense of Taft was too much to overcome. Toreador guard Michael Williams and forward Justin Hawkins each had 17 points. Taft finishes as the 3rd place team in the National division and Campbell Hall takes 4th.

El Dorado 86 LACES 43

Sean Butler had 23 points and was once again the high scorer for LACES. El Dorado guard Mitrell Clark had 17 points and forward Charles White added 15. With the blowout victory, El Dorado, who had 50 points at halftime, finishes in 3rd place in the Elite Division, while LACES ends up in 4th. 

Rio Americano 62 Fremont 46

Mardell Johnson exploded for 25 points and Kyle Odister added 16 to lead Rio Americano to the Elite Division Championship. Fremont star Tony Freeland did not play due to an ankle injury, and his presence was missed greatly. Ryan Smith had 14 points for the Pathfinders in the loss. The Raiders take home the 1st place trophy and Fremont finishes 2nd.

National Championship 

Bishop Montgomery 65 Bishop O’Connell 58

Minnesota signee Justin Cobbs put up 23 points to lead Bishop Montgomery to the National Championship. Guard Michael Panaggio added 16 in the win. Junior UNC commit Kendall Marshall had 19 in the loss. Senior wing David Eismeier had 10 points for the Knights, who were outscored by 7 in the final period. Montgomery wins the Championship, with Cobbs winning tournament MVP, while O’Connell has to settle for 2nd best.

Thanks to all who commented. I’ll have my personal analysis up later as well as personal awards.


Also I was pretty putrid today going 2-7 with predictions.

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  1. James Rose
    December 24, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Nice work with the web site, blog and webcam

    Nice call on the Bishop Montgomery/ Bishop O’Connell game. What made you think O’Connell post players would dominant the game? Didn’t Montgomery stop the “unstoppable” Josh Smith? You also pick Taft over Montgomery because of their guard play and overpowering inside play… maybe you should admit that you underestimated Montgomery’s TEAM play. You where right about their heart, speed and shooters but it seemed very clear to me that they where also the deepest best prepared team in the tournament, and don’t forget their defense…32 min. of hell.

  2. mpchristmasclassic
    December 24, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Wow, man. I am going to do posts tomorrow on Montgomery and Josh Smith and awards and re-evaluation. I only picked 1 game correctly on the final day, which is straight up embarrassing. High school basketball is a game of emotions and I clearly underestimated the team play of Montgomery. I’ll get deeper into this subject tomorrow.

    Thanks James, for the comments and congrats on the championship (assuming you are a BM supporter).

  3. James Rose
    December 24, 2008 at 8:14 am

    Hey, sorry if you took my comment personal. Not meant that way… I know predictions are tricky, especially high school sports where kids are unpredictable. Once again, you and anyone else involved with the web site did a great job. Looking forward to your final day comments and awards. By the way, not a BM supporter, just a high school b-ball observer

  4. mpchristmasclassic
    December 24, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    I’ll try to get around to some stuff later, its been a busier day than I thought.

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