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Final Day Predictions

Day 5 Predictions:

Disclaimer for all predictions: The views expressed in this blog does not necessarily represent the opinions of the directors of the MPCC. 

Elite 7th Place Game

St. Joseph’s vs Mission Hills

Grizzlies’ Jeremy Ford is just too big, strong, and skilled for anyone on St. Joes to handle. I expect him to have a big game in a bit of a sloppy win. Game will have plenty of turnovers, and Jacob Cano will probably lead the low-scoring Knights. Prediction: Mission Hills 59 St. Joseph’s 42

National 7th Place Game

Los Osos vs Kentwood

Kentwood should have the huge advantage inside if Josh Smith can stay out of foul trouble and Los Osos should have the advantage on the wings with Kendall Williams and Chinedu Amajoyi. Tre Tyler needs to step up and hit some big shots if Kentwood is to win here. I see too much of a more mature Kendall Williams here, with 20+ points and solid defense on Tre Tyler. Josh Smith plays limited time due to fouls. Prediction: Los Osos 61 Kentwood 49

Elite 5th Place Game

Mission Prep vs Campolindo 

*No Prediction, Conflict of Interest*

National 5th Place Game

Sylmar vs Sheldon

This should be a very interesting game. Darius Nelson and Marcus Jackson have been scoring machines for Sheldon. Jackson is a do-it-all guard who finds way to score the rock. Nelson is a big-bodied sophomore who has an arsenal of moves and a buttery jumper. They key for them is Ramon Eaton. Another long, lanky sophomore, if he can contribute on the offensive end I see them winning. Sylmar’s Gary Hicks really shoulders the scoring load while Tyler Honeycutt does everything else and keeps the team flowing. If Hicks shoots as he normally does and Honeycutt can increase his scoring output then Sylmar takes this game. Prediction: Sheldon 63 Sylmar 61

National 3rd Place Game 

Campbell Hall vs Taft

I think Michael Williams has really emerged as a top-flight scorer for Taft. Hawkins and Carter need to show the leadership that I know they have and rally this talented team to win this game after their heartbreaking double overtime loss to Bishop Montgomery. Campbell Hall needs to rebound after being shut down completely  by Bishop O’Connell. This is a big game for both squads. Keegan Hornbuckle brought his game to the BOC showdown, but he needs to have it again if they want to beat Taft. It’s really whichever team’s Big Three plays harder, McBroom, Hornbuckle, and Johnson or Williams, Hawkins, and Carter. Prediction: Taft 57 Campbell Hall 50

Elite 3rd Place Game

El Dorado vs LACES

El Dorado wins by double digits. I think LACES vs Mission Hills turned out to be a weak opening round which kind of skewed the brackets. LACES is very fast team, with some solid shooters, and a lot of hustle. I mean a lot of hustle, their coach demands it and they give all the effort. Sean Butler will be their top scorer once again. Mitrell Clark, a fast ballhandler and adept shooter, and Marcus Moreland, a dynamic wing with size, will be too much for LACES. Not to mention the Sundevils have a huge size advantage at nearly every spot on the floor. Prediction: El Dorado 67 LACES 48

Elite 1st Place Game

Fremont vs Rio Americano

In my mind this game pretty depends on the status of Tony Freeland’s ankle, which he injured when he was fouled on a breakaway dunk vs El Dorado. If he is playing at close to 100%, this game is Fremont’s. Josh Manning and Kelvin Smith are solid as is, but if Freeland is a go, it puts them over the top. Kyle Odister needs to show up huge and Mardell Johnson needs to be lights out shooting the ball if Rio Americano is to win this one. Prediction (w/ Freeland): Fremont 61 Rio Americano 50….Prediction (w/o Freeland): Fremont 57 Rio Americano 51

National 1st Place Game

Bishop O’Connell vs Bishop Montgomery

An impressive run by Montgomery to get here, but I see them being stopped by O’Connell. Montgomery has a lot of heart, speed, and shooters. But I don’t think it will be enough to get by O’Connell, who has a great inside presence with a few strong post players and smart guards, headed up by Kendall Marshall. The key for BOC is their defense, which I expect to once be top-notch although Justin Cobbs’ speed will provide problems. BOC can take the Tournament Championship Trophy back to Virginia, and Kendall Marshall can take home that MVP trophy too. Prediction: Bishop O’Connell 59 Bishop Montgomery 50

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  1. Prodigy Fan
    December 23, 2008 at 7:19 am

    Great job Ray. Pretty amazing stuff for a high school kid.
    You write very well and could give some of the local sportswriters a run for their money.

    Predictions look pretty solid…
    Fremont will DESTROY Rio, by at least 20, with or without the big boy in the middle.

    How were the refs today? I heard that Ben Howland went in and visited them at halftime of one of the games to offer them some advice, “Don’t call so many damn fouls on the good players!”

  2. mpchristmasclassic
    December 23, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Thanks. I fully expect Fremont to win, but I missed last nights game Rio vs. LACES because I had to leave and they had a new high scorer who I hadn’t seen before. So I am curious now.

    Refs were decent-ish. But not really. Very inconsistent. Some games they let it play, some games they are whistle-happy. Worst call was a 5-second call on Taft when they had the ball with 7 seconds left trying to go for the gamewinner. Just bad, IMO.

  3. mpchristmasclassic
    December 23, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    Oh yea, Ben Howland. Nice guy, very down-to-earth. Spoke with him very briefly. At halftime, of the 9:30 AM game, big man Josh Smith had 3 offensive fouls called on him. Howland when into the officials locker room and had some kinda talk with them, and in the 2nd half Smith didn’t have any fouls called on him. It was nice to finally be able to see the kid play, because the refs have really controlled his game. I think they are kinda awestruck by his size and strength.

  4. James
    December 24, 2008 at 1:57 am

    Great coverage. And, from a journalist (15 years in biz) I think you did a great job.

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