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Best Passer/Court Vision Award

4 stuck out to me here:

Kendall Marshall, Justin Cobbs, Kendall Williams, and Tyler Honeycutt.

Marshall: Always had his head up when dribbling, which is key. Strong passer and could get the ball anywhere on the court in a flash. I didn’t really see a lot of him passing from the lane to the wing while penetrating to the basket, but that may be because it wasn’t part of their offense. A very adept point guard. Maybe the best pure point guard in the tournament, and a good leader which really helps his passing ability because his teammates know that he can get them the ball from anywhere.

Cobbs: Fast as lightning. He literally would just come down the court full speed and blow by his defender, get into the paint and then dish to a shooter on the wing or when the big man would help he would feed the post. Very impressed with his speed. He was aware of where his teammates were at all times. Maybe took shots when he should’ve passed it on occasion, but he’s the star and he’s gotta do that sometimes. It was pretty amazing though when he would elevate for a jumper, and then midshot, pass the ball into the post. 

Williams: He really matured as a leader over the final 2 days of the tournament. It was a refreshing change. Even though they lost both games, and he didn’t score as much, he became a better player. He was so skilled in penetrating, and such an elite scorer, that the opposing teams would just crash down on him. He would either draw the foul and sink the free throws, or dish to the corner or wing. A good no-look passer. He was very adept at dishing to post over his shoulder when driving. 

Honeycutt: His passing skills blew me away. He actually wasn’t an incredible shooter and didn’t score a whole lot. With that said, he impacted the game in a variety of ways. He would bring up the ball occasionally or run the fast break. He was very well connected with his teammates and he knew where they were going to be. A very fluid passer, it seemed effortless. He had the full arsenal of passes which he display to perfection: behind the back, cross-court, lob, to a slasher, over the shoulder, long bounce pass. It was great to see from a big man. 

Winner: I may get some flak for this but I am going with Tyler Honeycutt. Maybe it’s because he just had the opportunities to display his passes, or that his coaches give him plenty of offensive freedom, but he threw some phenomenal passes. 

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