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January 15, 2009 1 comment

I am always impressed with the coaches at the tournament. This year was no different, but I am going to try and pick a few coaches that stuck out in my mind.

Both the Rio Americano and Bishop Montgomery coaches do not appear physically overbearing or particularly impressive, but they were both very good strategic coaches. More importantly they always had their teams hustling and giving 100%, always getting up and down the court, and working all the time. Neither one put themselves before the team by going crazy and getting an unnecessary technical. They also both happened to win their respective divisions…..coincidence?

The Mission Hills coach also remained very composed throughout the tournament, even though his team struggled for the majority. I thought that was impressive. 

Bishop O’Connell’s entire coaching staff was very impressive and carried themselves with class throughout the tournament. They ran a very disciplined team, which is in part why they went so far in the bracket. 

The Campbell Hall coach was very active and always moving and very engaged with the game. Always working to find an advantage, he also was skilled in creating plays for specific scenario.

Just some stuff I noticed during the games. All my opinion.


What did you guys think of the coaches?

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ESPN Review of Tournament Stars


Here is a link to a great article by Joel Francisco on It is a great breakdown of top players at the tournament. He especially cites Richard Solomon (Jr., Bishop Montgomery) as a possible Div 1 recruit, which is a surprise to me but would be great to see.


Thanks to Bill Curley for bringing this to my attention.

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Top 16 Power Rankings

This is a response to a comment request. 
All Teams ranked from best to worst.
  1. Bishop Montgomery
  2. Bishop O’Connell
  3. Taft
  4. Campbell Hall
  5. Sylmar
  6. Sheldon 
  7. Los Osos
  8. Kentwood
  9. Fremont 
  10. El Dorado
  11. Rio Americano
  12. Campolindo 
  13. Mission Prep
  14. LACES
  15. St. Joseph’s
  16. Mission Hills

I am aware that parts of these rankings go directly against head to head games played, but this is the order of teams that I feel is the best (without injuries). And if it were exactly the same as the games, there would be no point in making this list.



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All-Tourney Teams

Sorry about the delay guys, I hope you all had a happy new year.

This will probably be pretty controversial, but here goes:

National Division

MVP – Justin Cobbs (Sr) – Bishop Montgomery

1st Team

  • Kendall Marshall (Jr) – Bishop O’Connell
  • Michael Panaggio (Sr) – Bishop Montgomery
  • Kendall Williams (Jr) – Los Osos
  • Tyler Honeycutt (Sr) – Sylmar
  • Josh Smith (Jr) – Kentwood

2nd Team

  • Austin McBroom (So) – Campbell Hall
  • Michael Williams (Sr) – Taft
  • Gary Hicks (Sr) – Sylmar
  • Justin Hawkins (Sr) – Taft
  • Darius Nelson (So) – Sheldon

Elite Division

1st Team

  • Mardell Johnson (Sr) – Rio Americano
  • Mitrell Clark (Sr) – El Dorado
  • Josh Manning (Sr) – Fremont
  • Tony Freeland  (Sr) – Fremont
  • Jeremy Ford (Sr) – Mission Hills

2nd Team

  • Kyle Odister (Sr) – Rio Americano
  • Sean Butler (Sr) – LACES
  • Charles White (Sr) – El Dorado
  • Chris Dyer (Sr) – Campolindo
  • Marcus Moreland (Sr) – El Dorado

All-Defensive Team (Both Divisions)

  • Kendall Marshall (Jr) – Bishop O’Connell
  • Brandon Bivens (Sr) – Bishop Montgomery
  • Justin Hawkins (Sr) – Taft
  • Tyler Honeycutt (Sr) – Sylmar
  • Jeremy Ford (Sr) – Mission Hills

All-Underclassmen Team (Both Divisions)

  • Austin McBroom (So) – Campbell Hall
  • Landon Drew (Fr) – Taft
  • Ramon Eaton (So) – Sheldon
  • Darius Nelson (So) – Sheldon
  • Larry Savage (So) – Bishop O’Connell
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