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Day 3 Predictions

Game 1: Washington Prep 70 Edison 65

Michaelyn Scott leads a group of fast Washington guards that will be too much for Edison’s young team too handle. I don’t expect Robert Upshaw to have too much of an impact because  the longer he plays the greater the difference in team speed and intensity becomes.

Game 2: Campolindo 68 SLO High 52

Kellen Ito and Sean Mullen will be battling inside all game long. But Campolindo’s guards, led by Adam Mancebo, should be able to outplay SLO on the perimeter.

Game 3: Cathedral 66 Sylmar 60

Frankie Eteuti should be to have his way versus Sylmar inside. I think the Phantoms will play just enough team defense to keep the Spartans at bay in this one.

Game 4: Mission Prep vs Pioneer Valley

N/A – Conflict of Interest

Game 5: Birmingham 70 St. Joseph’s 56

Birmingham’s up-tempo pace and outside shooting will be too much for the Knights. Renee Reyes leads the Birmingham’s fierce backcourt play.

Game 6: Ballou 71 Pasadena 70

A very close one here, especially if Pasadena continues to shoot well. As long as Donte Thomas continues to make the big plays, and Ballou continues to play defense, I think the DC team pulls it out. Should be a fun one to watch. Steven Shares vs Zalmico Harmon will be a great one on the perimeter.

Game 7: Rio Americano 63 Eldorado 50

If Eldorado wants to stay in this one, they have to start playing better fundamental basketball and stop the turnovers. As long as Rio keeps on shooting (mainly Nathanson and Leibovitz), they win soundly.

Game 8: Taft 77 Campbell Hall 57

Austin McBroom and Deuce Johnson may be able to play on Taft’s level. But the difference between the rest of the lineups is too substantial. Nobody can guard Bryce Jones. Taft wins big, although closer than usual.

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